10 old fashioned looks that are now in trend

By: Bisola Bello February 1, 2018

There is nothing like recycling old fashion trends. Whether its old hairstyles, accessories or clothing, people always find a way to bring 80s or 90s fashion to the 21st century. We bring to you some fashion trends that actually began in the old days and have been redefined.

Natural hair or Afro

Natural hair is now part of the new fashion culture, fashion lovers now go on flick with their natural hair but this fashion choice actually dates back ages ago. Afro can be maintained with easily wash and wear treatment; no wonder it had to come back.

Denim clothing

Whew! Denim on Denim, the undeniable fashion trend for hip hop lovers of the early 2000s. Celebrities like Beyonce and Kim Kardiashian have redefined this look in stylish skirts and pop out shirts.

Oleku dress

The Oleku attire is an African attire of short iro and buba. It was popularized after the movie Oleku where it got its name from. The 21st century millennial now rock this trendy wears in ankara fashion for several occasions.

Palazzo pants

The famous Palazzo pant trended back in the 90s but is now on the top fashion trends since 2016.

Oversize dress

Oversize dress or baggy dress used to be worn by the likes of Aliyah in the late 90s but recently people like Rihanna have influenced the trend of rocking oversized clothing.


Like its name suggests, this fashion trend in its right is old fashioned. Vintage shirts are now worn by teenagers as beach shirts or a light summer wear.

Cord lace

Cord lace is now on trend with young adults styling themselves attire in beautiful colours for special occasion. Back in the days the cord lace was used by only the high and mighty for special occasions.

Dungarees clothing

The dungarees is a fashion clothing that crosses over your neck and connects waist, it comes in various design forms like jeans, Ankara material and in soft texture material. Back then in the late 90s dungaree clothes were the best wears for both kids and adult.

Bandannas [handkerchief]

Bandannas are produced from ultra-light and moisture winking materials. The bandanna or doo rag was usually worn by artistes like Tupac and 50 cent. These days this fashion accessory is used as a scarf, hair band and even wrist bands by hippy individuals.




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