5 professions that receive curses from consumers in Nigeria

By: Grace Ndukwe December 5, 2017

There are various profession in Nigeria that always receives curses from their consumers, and most times it takes God intervention before things normalise for them. Below are the list of professions that almost never receive prayers from their consumers.

  1. Nigerian Police: This professionals always receive curses from their consumers. Their flops are always the cause of their misfortune.They abuse your right, they extort you, they lie just to cover their lack of professionalism by accusing you of what you know nothing about, they collect money from people to torture or put some heavy allegation on innocent people. They take bribe, they leak information to criminals, they detain people illegally just to extort money from them, they sexually assault female detainees, they kill in the name of accidental discharge, they frustrate bailing of people who don’t give them money, they lack the experience to conduct a credible investigation only to end up messing things up. They collect money from different parties and the highest bidder gets their favour.
  2. N.E.P.A Workers: This is another profession that receives curses from their consumers. These professionals receives insults and curses especially when they disrupt power supply, when they try to disconnect peoples electricity poles, illegally extort money from consumers without provision of power supply, demands of money before repairing or reconnecting the transformers.
  3. Mechanics: You will only witness these people when you have a car, they can make you spend all your money on your car but the problem still persists. Some will steal some part of your car to use it as a replacement for other people car which they have taken money from. Some will delay your car by working on random parts just to make you pay more for time.
  4. Tailors: This profession only has self redemption because of the high rate of disappointment they always give their customers which most time comes back to them as curse or arrest etc. everybody has been disappointed by their tailor, some of them collects money from different client but fail to meet up with the work only to start hiding or giving excuse to them, some may damage their client cloths and choose not to refund back their money.
  5. Nigerian Politicians: Though these people are appreciated they some times receive curses, making them the least professionals to receive curses from their consumers.




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