5 simple ways to wear your leggings both indoor and outdoor

By: Eniola Bello August 31, 2017

Leggings don’t exactly give you that chic look, but when styled the right way, can serve as a comfortable alternative to pants. The following are five ways to slay your legGings both indoor and outdoor;

1. Gym look
Whether you are actually going to the gym or simply dressing like it, you should pair your leggings with a bomber jacket layered over a tee.

2. Shinies
If you have to wear a liquid leggings, then it would be best to pair it with a cool coloured jacket and a white tee in order to avoid ‘shining bright like a diamond’

3. The bad girl look
If you have to be indoors or you have to go see a friend, then you might want to pair your leggings with an oversized top and a cap to achieve that bad girl look.

4. Look sassy and classy
you might just pair your leggings with a cropped top and trench jacket. Wearing an hat will also work with it.

5. Keep it casual
keep it casual by pairing your leggings with a sweatshirt and sneakers.



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