40+ common slangs used in Nigerian universities

By: Grace Ndukwe December 1, 2017
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The use of slang among Nigerian students are so popular that most time the real words are forgotten.

There are over a thousand slangs mostly used in Nigerian universities campuses by undergraduates.

These slangs help undergraduates navigate through their lives with what might be call their own language; most students hardly do without these popular campus lingo.

Here are over 40 slangs used in Nigerian universities.

Efico/Scholar: An Efico is used to describe a very brilliant student.

Tsunami: This slang denotes mass failure or expulsion in other schools.

Iwe Factoria: Literally, this slang is a metaphor for students who love to use the school library. Instead of calling them bookworms, they call them Iwe factoria.

Dub: Dubbing is a form of malpractice that involves copying another student’s test answers word for word.

Shotgun: This is a slang for an unexpected test.

Jack/Jacko : To jack is to read while Jacko is a slang for a student who reads a lot. It is a synonym for Iwe factoria.

Department of EFCC: This refers to faculties or departments where student’s grades start from C, D, E and F.

Chips: Chips is a slang that is closely related to examination malpractice. It is a code name for a small piece of paper on which likely answers to exam questions is scribbled to take into the exam halls to cheat.

Egun: Egun in Yoruba means masquerade. Students use this words to describe examination malpractice also loosely known as Expo.

Tush: A refined person

Cast – E.g “Folake pregnancy don cast”: It basically means the subject matter is now available everyone and no longer a secret.

Coded: To keep a low profile/keeping a secret

Low key: Similar to ‘Coded’ but ‘Low Key’ isn’t necessarily a secret. To keep something low key means to not announce it; not elaborate; to have a quiet gathering; not much emphasis.

Parole/Package: It means an ongoing situation.

Popsy: An informal word for father.

Momsy: This is the feminine version of “popsy,” which is an informal word for mother.

Baddo: Made popular by singer Olamide, Baddo is just another word for ‘Bad Guy’. It’s used to describe how good a person is at a particular thing.

Swag: This is used to represent someone’s style. How you walk, talk, dress. Put together, you have SWAG.

Chop Cockroach: This means a girl is pregnant

Aristo: Married men that like young girls.

Runs: It generally tends to be used to denote illegal or immoral activities.

Dope: Dope is another word for Drugs, but it’s popularly used to describe how good something is.

Straff: Sex.

Fall Hand – E.g “No go fall my hand o”: This simply means not to disappoint.

JJC: Journey just come, is used for new students.

Kush: Weed/Marijuana.

Sugar Mummy: An older woman in relationship with younger guys in exchange for money.

I Go Change Am For You:  This usually heard when the speaker is giving out words of warning. This is the speaker’s way of asking someone to be careful and not get him or her angry.

Baff Up: This is when someone is nicely dressed in expensive designer wears.

Burst My Head/Brain: When this is said, this means the speaker is impressed.

Crash: Sleep

Jones: This means talking about someone or a group of people not being smart in a particular situation. This also means the speaker is talking about someone not seizing the opportunity where he or she ought to.

Pepper Don Read:  When this phrase is being used when talking about a person, it means the person’s luck has changed and the person is richer.

All Join: This is a collective item or group of things. It means everything is included.

G4: Another word for Garri.

Jew: Non Cultist.

Bunkie: bunk mate.

Cassava flakes: This simply refers to Garri.

Form: To put on airs, that is, affect manners with intent to impress others.

FFF: Friend for food.

H: short word for hungry.

Jambite: This refers to a first-year undergraduate.

Bakassi: A girls’s bum.

Fashi: Forget.

Number six: It means one’s brain.

Toast: To talk to a girl.

Bone face: To snub somebody.

FFO: For food only.

Jack Robinson: Rubbish.




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