8 things you didn’t know were invented by women

By: Grace Ndukwe December 11, 2017
women invention

As the popular saying goes “what a man can do a woman can do more better” every day we hear about the invention of great men, but do know that women also invented some things. here are inventions by women which is popularly used and a can’t do without for every day life and survival.

  1. Paper bag(1868): we do groceries shopping everyday and every item is packaged in a paper bag. It was crafted by a cotton mill worker named Margaret knight. she invented a machine to make paper bags with  flat square bottom. a man tried who saw this invention tried to steal it, but she filed a law suit and won in 1871.
  2. The fire escape(1897): the first fire place was invented by Anna Connelly. It became a mandatory building safety codes across U S.
  3. Monopoly(1903): this game was invented by Elizabeth Magie. it was originally called landlord’s game. It was invented to illustrate the tragic effect of land grabbing.
  4. Wind shield wipers(1903 & 1917): on every car you see the wind shield wipers, it was first invented in 1903 by Mary Anderson, and in 1917 Charlotte Bridgwood invented an automatic version with an electric roller.
  5. Retractable dog leash(1908): this device was invented by Mary A. Delaney a dog owner.
  6. Kevlar(1966): as it is often said every mistake is a design, Stephanie Kwolek who was trying to create a lighter fiber for car tires, created the light weight fabric used in bullet proof vest.
  7. Diapers(1951): water proof diaper cover was first created by Marion Donovan and she sold it for $1 million. A few years later she invented the disposable  diapers.
  8. Chocolate chip cookies(1938): preparing chocolate cookies for her guests Ruth Wakefield ran out of bakers chocolate, she added chocolate bar which didn’t melt well. this incident lead to the production of chocolate chip cookies.



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