Amazing fashion tips for Harmattan you should consider

By: Eniola Bello December 15, 2017

Harmattan is here again and it is advisable to dress in a way that suits the dry-cold weather. You want to keep warm while looking trendy as well, then consider the following tips;

1. Go for Jackets and Blazers
To prevent looking too extra or being all covered up, it is better to go for the corporate look. Wear your jean and shirt then put on a blazer or thick jacket to keep you warm for the day.

2. Long skirts or jean
If you are the short skirt person or a lover of three-quarter jean then I think you need to change your wardrobe for the season. The weather drys out the skin and you don’t want your skin looking white; the long skirts or jean is the best fashion choice to keep your body warm.

3. Lip balm
Always have a lip balm in your bag as your lips can become dry any second.

4. Scarfs
Having a thick scarf around your neck can also do the trick. The knitted scarfs aren’t bad either, it will make you look super trendy as well.




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