Five beautiful flowers you dont want to touch or consume

By: Bisola Bello February 1, 2018

There are some flowers that look attractive but can also be very deadly. when consumed or touched, these flowers  can cause great harm to one’s health.  Here are some of them
1. Oleander
They are charming, have a nice fragrance and loved by home owners. They bloom only in four colours; white, pink, yellow or red. Eating only a meager amount of this lower can be dangerous. All parts of oleander are extremely poisonous and can cause dehydration, fever, slow heartbeat, tremors and death after consumption.

2. Lantana
Lantana is known for its intense fragrance and beautiful colours. It is also known for attracting butterflies. This flower is extremely common in the tropics and blooms in white, yellow, pink, red, violet or orange. All parts of the plant contain liver toxin which when consumed can show symptoms like depression, vomiting, fatigue and liver failure.

3. Lily of the valley
Every part of this beautiful flower is very toxic. flowers, leaves and stem should not be eaten in any circumstance. The plant contains chemicals which directly affects the heart and causes vomiting, illusion, blurriness and slow heart rates.

4. Morning glory
Fret not! Not all species of morning glory are poisonous but there are a few whose seeds are poisonous when consumed. Morning glory contains toxic chemicals which causes diarrhea, in-coordination and liver failure, if large amount of seeds are ingested.

5. Periwinkle
Do not confuse Madagascar periwinkle with Vinca major (greater periwinkle) which is not poisonous and can be eaten. Madagascar Periwinkle is easy to grow but it is mildly poisonous and contains a group of alkaloids. While it can be used to cure high blood pressure, excess consumption  causes drop in blood pressure and hypertension.



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