Five puberty changes every boy should be aware of

By: Eniola Bello November 24, 2017
boy puberty signs

If you are a boy and you have noticed several changes in you that you do not feel comfortable talking about, do not fret, these things are normal. If you are have also not noticed any changes but you are approaching puberty, then you shouldn’t be caught unaware about the following;

1. Broadening of chest and shoulders
Onset of puberty brings many physical changes in boys. Their chest and shoulders broaden and their muscles start to develop.

2. Deepening of voice and appearance of facial hair
The voice gets deeper; hair begins to grow on the face that later develop into moustache and beard.

3. Appearance of body hair and pubic hair
Hair begins to grow on the chest, in the armpits, hands, legs and in the groin area. Hair in the groin region is called pubic hair.

4. Increase in size of genitals
The penis and the testicles grow bigger in size.

5. Growth spurt
During puberty boys experience a rapid growth in height over a span of 2 to 3 years. This rapid growth in height is called growth spurt.

6. Ability to ejaculate
Boys become capable of ejaculating which is ejection of semen through the penis. The first ejaculation marks the attainment of sexual maturity in a boy’s life.



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