Five things parents should never do to their children

By: Eniola Bello September 7, 2017
Parents warning children

As a parent, you have the responsibility of training your child and being part of their life. Whatever a parent does or teaches the child has a great impact on the life of the child. However, not all parents perform their responsibility duly, there are things parents should never do to their children to secure their future. The following are five things parents shouldn’t do to their children;

1. Telling them to lie
Parents telling their children to lie is a common phenomenon as most parents think it will protect them and the child for the main time but will it protect their future? A common example is a parent telling their child to tell the landlord they are not around. This does more than just enhancing the child’s lying ability, it also decreases the child’s trust in the parent.

2. Flaring up at every negative behavior
If a child is constantly being yelled at, they will simply get used to it, and not really care whenever it happens. Being calm and rational in the face of negative behavior can be the best way to deal with it, talk to them in a calm way, that way, it can stick better.

3. Unnecessary protection
Children can be the centre of their parent’s world and it isn’t a bad attribute if parents trust their children. However, children are not perfect, they can be wrong at times. If someone reports your child or corrects your child, you shouldn’t pick up a fight with the person. Instead, you should tell your child not to do it again.

4. Always giving in to what they want
Your baby wants ice cream, you buy. He is craving for pizza, you order. He wants the latest toys, you shop for it. It’s not bad to get them what they want till a day you can’t afford to buy one and you get publicly disgraced. He wants all the snacks in the world, you buy till you have to always visit the hospital to treat your child’s diabetes. Even if they cry and throw tantrums, buy the things you think are more essential first and limit how you provide their wants.

5. Staying out of their lives
As children grow and pass through puberty, they prefer being alone but as a parent, you shouldn’t do this totally. It is good to visit their rooms at times to check what they are doing. It is also good to have friendly talks with them at times so they can find it easy to tell you when something is going on.



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