Four holiday makeup hacks every girl should try

By: Eniola Bello December 1, 2017
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Holiday season is here and there will definitely be alot of outings.To give you a special look this holiday season, the following are makeup tips every girl should definitely try out to save both time and energy and also to give you that perfect holiday look you are craving.

1. Get the perfect eyeliner wing with the help of a tape
Applying a winged eyeliner can be tough sometimes, so in order to get the perfect wing you can use a tape. Firstly,place the tape along your lower lash line and then apply your eyeliner and eyeshadow. You will get a proper and definite straight line.

2. Use your spoon to get a proper cut crease
In case you face problems with your eyeshadow with getting a perfect crease, I have a simple solution for you,your spoon! it will give you a proper crease as desired. To do this, place the spoon on top of your eyelid, use a rush to run the shadow over the lid of the spoon . There you  go! you have a perfect crease.

3. Want fuller lips, ombre your lips
In order to make your lips fuller, you can go for the ombre technique which includes shading the outer part of the lips in the dark colour and the inner part of the lips a lighter colour, this will give your lips a better pouty look.

4. Contour your nose perfectly with the help of a fork
Whenever you contour your cheekbones and face,you have to contour your nose too unless it will look pale, dull and incomplete. Sometimes, contouring your nose can be very tough in order to get the straight peaks of the nose,you can use a fork, place the fork on top of your nose and then take a contour palette and contour the parts in between the prongs of the fork.



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