Nine travel essentials you shouldn’t forget

By: Eniola Bello December 22, 2017
travel essentials

Whether its a local trip or an international trip, it is very important you take the things you need and avoid spending over your budget. If you are travelling this holiday season, take a look at this essential checklist and see if it matches your list;

1.Cash or credit card
Well, I guess you won’t even be moving at all without this, the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you is forgeting cash at home and being without credit card. This should be number one on your list and also make sure there is enough amount to fund your trip in your card.

2. Phone
This is the last thing anyone would forget and also the easiest to forget. Your charged phone should be with you 24\7 in case an emergency comes up and you need to call someone, check something online or order for items online to make your trip easy.

3. Headphones
What other way to create your own space in the middle of other travelers than listen to good music with a good headphone or earpiece.

4. Charger
You have to bring your phone, therefore your charger is also essential .

5. Clothes
Of course, you don not plan on wearing a particular cloth throughout your vacation. You should bring different clothes including comfortable ones but your wardrobe depends on your plans for the vacation.

6. Deodorants
Trust me, you definitely need a deodorant or roll-on while travelling. You don’t your body to give an offensive odour during your travels.

7. Toiletries
Toiletries such as toothbrush, sponges, soaps, toilet rolls, sanitary pads[for females] e.t.c should be packed in your travelling bag or backpack. If you know some of these toiletries will be readily available in your hotel, make sure you take the toiletries that will not be made available.

8. Under wears
This is easily forgettable and highly needed. Make sure you pack enough under wears based on the time you will be spending on the trip.

9. Mini first aid kit
This is very important, buy a mini first aid kit or take one if you have at home in case of necessity.



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