Protesters demand Jacob Zuma’s resignation

By: Bisola Bello February 5, 2018
Jacob Zuma

Protesters in South Africa are demanding the resignation of its President Jacob Zuma.

On Monday, protesters stormed South Africa’s ruling party African National Congress (ANC)‘s party headquarters in Johannesburg demanding that President Jacob Zuma steps down.

South African media report that Mr Zuma has defied his party and refused to resign as leader, but details of their meeting have not been released.

Mr Zuma, who faces corruption allegations, was replaced as ANC leader by Cyril Ramaphosa in December.

Julius Malema, an opposition leader and former ANC member, said on Twitter that Mr Zuma had refused to stand down.

South Africa’s opposition parties and factions in the ANC say Zuma should not be allowed to give the annual state of the nation address on Thursday, calling him a lame duck president since the election of reformer Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC leader.

Radical political party Black First Land First have organized a protest in support of the president under the banner “#HandsOff Zuma.” But another group of ANC supporters had gathered with signs reading “Zuma must fall.”

South Africa’s parliament is scheduled to vote in a no-confidence motion against Zuma on February 22.




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