Safety tips when you use a car hire service in Nigeria

By: Bisola Bello February 14, 2018
Car hire service safety

Safety tips when you use a car hire service in NigeriaRecently, the Nigeria media space was swimming with the news of Shuga actress Shola Dorcas Fapson who claimed that a Taxify driver tried to kidnap and rape her, the taxify driver on the other hand denied all allegations and even sued the actress for defamation of character. When situations like this happen one begins to wonder how safe is it to use car hire service like Taxify, Uber, Oga Taxi and the likes in Nigeria. We care about your wellbeing so here are safety tips to adhere to when you use a car hire service in Nigeria.

  1. Always sit behind

The passenger sit in a car is always at the back; when you sit in front with a driver you are susceptible to several harms. Sitting at the back gives you a noticeable distance from the driver and allows you to defend yourself in case any violence wants to happen.

  1. Be Polite

Taxify, Uber and Oga Taxi drivers are humans like you. Most of them have day jobs like you do and most importantly they have feelings. When you enter into the cab, always remain polite to your driver even if he is not the chatty or welcoming type. Remember to use your magic words; Please and Thank You. It won’t cost you anything to say-“Please take me to the mall” or “Thank you for the ride”. You know what they say; “address people the way you want to be addressed”

  1. Don’t Use at Ungodly hours

Don’t use car hire services at ungodly hours. From 12am it is very difficult to guarantee your safety or scream even if you need help. Keep your outings to hours where you can see your surrounding in broad daylight if anything inconspicuous happens.

  1. End Trip If You Are Uncomfortable

If your driver makes you uncomfortable in any way end the trip immediately even if you have not arrived at your destination. There is no law that faults you from ending your trip as long as you pay your fare and exit the vehicle without breaking anything.

  1. Never Sleep Off

A car hire service driver is not your family member or friend so don’t ever get too comfortable enough to sleep in the car. You don’t want to wake up and see yourself 100miles away from your destination in a dark alley in the middle of nowhere.



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