Three killed in Libya clashes

By: Bisola Bello March 7, 2018
libya clash

Three people including a 13-year-old girl have been reported dead after clashes between rival armed groups returned to Libya’s south-eastern city of Sabha.

Residents of Sabha say the latest clashes erupted before dawn.

The clash is between rival Arab and ethnic Tebu groups; However the southern region is also part of the wider conflict between the country’s other warring parties who are trying to extend their influence.

Libya’s internationally recognised prime minister has ordered the establishment of a force to restore security in the country’s south, but it is not clear if his government has any allies there.

One of the warring parties in Sabha is nominally allied to Libya’s self-styled army based in the East of the country, which is known as the LNA.

On the weekend the commander of the LNA, Khalifa Hefter, reportedly announced the start of ‘Operation Law Enforcement’ in the south, and on Monday the Army’s Facebook page also announced that a truce was brokered between Sabha’s armed groups.

Indiscriminate shelling in recent weeks has not only killed at least nine civilians in recent weeks, but also destroyed homes and displaced dozens of families.

There are growing fears that Libya’s south is becoming the latest battleground for influence between the country’s regionally divided political and military actors.

The country is largely lawless, but especially so in the south, which is a regional hub for migrant trafficking.



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