What will you be doing on February 14

By: Bisola Bello February 12, 2018

February 14 promises to be an eventful day of the year 2018. Whether you are male or female. Religious or not, introverted or extroverted, this day definitely has something in store for you.

Three notable activities are happening on February 14, 2018; which one will you be partaking in?

  1. Valentine’s Day

Per usual, February 14 is reserved to celebrate Valentine’s Day. On this day people show their love by exchanging gifts such as candy, flowers, perfumes and so on. While Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with family members and friends, it is widely known as a romantic activity between couples or impending couples.

  1. Ash Wednesday

The 2018 Ash Wednesday also falls on this day. Christians are expected to receive Ash on their foreheads, fast by not eating foods and refrain from some social activities. This is definitely contrary to what people who wish to celebrate Valentine ’s Day will be doing. They are also expected to engage themselves in prayers and in charity works from Ash Wednesday till Holy Saturday when the season of Lenten will be over.

3. Real Madrid Vs Paris Saint Germaine football match

Football lovers will have their minds filled up with the kicks and goals of the game between Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germaine on February 14 2018. With Neymar as a forward for PSG and C.Ronaldo striking for Real Madrid, the game is definitely one football lovers will not miss. Plus, we all know how much Africans love soccer!!!!

After knowing all this, what will you be doing on February 14?



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