Who invented what?

By: Eniola Bello November 28, 2017

The world has evolved, thus ensuring human labour almost non existent; everything can be done with the use of machineries but have you ever wondered about the brains behind these inventions- The appliances you use at home and things that have made life easier in every way? Well, the following are invention and their inventors;
1. Mechanical clock -Viol (viola da gamba) and Cello

2. Pocket watch – Peter Henlein.

3. Thermometer- by Galileo Galilei.

4. Mercury thermometer -Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

5. Microscope – by Zacharias Janssen.

6. Telescope
– late 11th century : astronomical lenses (Sweden)
– 13th century : experimental telescopes built by Francis Bacon (UK)
– 1595/1608 : refracting telescope (Netherlands)
– 1609 : improved by Galileo (Italy)

7. Calculator
– 1623 : automatic calculator invented by Wilhelm Schickard (Germany)
– 1642 : adding machine invented by Blaise Pascal (France)
– 1954 : electronic calculator invented by IBM (USA)

8. Barometer- by Evangelista Torricelli.

9. Daily newspaper – The Einkommende Zeitungen in Lepizing.

10. Pendulum clock -Invented by Christiaan Huygens.

11. Clarinet – by Johann Christoph Denner.

12. Steam engine -by Thomas Savery in 1698, and improved by James Watt in 1769.

13. Piano -by Bartolomeo Cristofori in Florence.

14. Hot air balloon -the brothers Josef and Etienne Montgolfier.

15. Parachute – by Jean Pierre Blanchard

16. Steam boat -First built by John Fitch.

17. Engine
– 1791 : Gas turbine patented by John Barber (England).
– 1826 : Reciprocating internal combustion engine patented by Samuel Morey (USA)
– 1867 : Petrol engine developed by Nikolaus Otto (Germany)
– 1892 : Diesel engine invented by Rudolph Diesel (Germany)
– 1924-57 : Rotary engine developed by Felix Wankel (Germany)
– 1936-39 : Jet engine developed simultaneously by Frank Whittle (England) and Hans von Ohain (Germany).

18. Submarine- by American Robert Fulton commissioned by Napoleon. First launched in France.

19. Refrigerator
– First refrigerator invented in 1805 by Oliver Evans
– World’s first practical refrigerator invented by James Harrison
20. Comic strips- Swiss Rodolphe Toepffer was probably the first modern cartoonist.

21. Photography
– First photograph => 1825, France
– Silver photo => 1840, France
– Negative => 1840, UK
– Colour photography => 1861 by James Clerk Maxwell (Scotland)

22. Gas stove/cooker- First patented and manufactured by James Sharp.

23. Saxophone -Invented by Adolphe Sax.

24. Telegraph -Invented by Samuel Morse

25. Telephone -The invention of the telephone has long been credited to the Scot Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. However, the Italian Antonio Meucci is now recognised to have invented the device as early as 1849.

26.Light bulb -The first practical light bulb was invented in 1854 by Heinrich Goebel

27. Wrist watch => Patek Philippe & Co.

28.Phonograph -Invented by Thomas Alva Edison, although based on France-born Leon Scott’s 1857 phonautograph.

29. Cash register -Invented by James Ritty.

30. Motorcycle -First designed and built by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach

31. Car/Automobile -Developed independently and simultaneously by Carl Benz in Mannheim, amd Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Stuttgart.

32. Animation – First animated film created by Emile Reynaud.

33. Cinema -Cinematograph invented by the Lumiere brothers.

34. electric stove/cooker -First patented by William S. Hadaway.

35. Helicopter -Developed by Igor Sikorsky

36. Microwave oven -Invented by Percy Spencer.

37. Charge/credit card => Diner’s Club

38. Video Games -Invention disputed between 3 people, 2 Americans and a Briton.

39. Photocopier => Xerox

40. Soft contact lenses -Invented by Otto Wichterle.

41. Cassette tape => Philips

42. Quartz watch => Seiko

43. Video tape – Philips, later replaced by JVC’s VHS

44.Compact Disk- Philips

45. CD-ROM => Philips/Sony



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